Women Make Men Last Longer in Bed

What Can Women Do to Make Men Last Longer in Bed?

By Daniel K.

women help to make men last longer in bed

Women’s Help to Make Men Last Longer in Bed

There have been many topics discussed over the internet about how to last longer in bed for men. Based on my observation most of the recommendations are focusing on what men can do on their side to last longer in bed. Very rare are talking about what women can do to help their men in overcoming their premature ejaculation.
In fact, women’s role can be very helpful in beating men’s premature ejaculation in order to last longer in bed.
It is a matter or principle that any problem related to a sexual relationship either it is resulted from erectile dysfunction in men or frigidity in women, etc, has to be the joint responsibility of both in couple, especially in marriage couple. Each side has to work together.
However, during my observation in my private sex counseling group, men often were reluctant to ask from their partner for help as this was regarded as admission of their weakness in sexual performance that would harm their self pride. I do not know what about this in the rest of the world. Perhaps you could share your opinion in the comment section.

Therefore, I would say this article is more appropriately to be addressed to women.
Yet, it isn’t bad idea for men to know first, and in turn they let their partner know about it.
In quite a number of cases where men is facing difficulty to last longer in bed, unfortunately, women even makes things worse rather than being helpful.
Some women criticized their men for the failure to satisfy them. What happened after this was that it even ruined their men’s self confidence in their sexual ability to last long.

Man is not a machine. He has feeling, emotion and mentality which can be exhausted and eventually broken down under very unpleasant circumstances such as severe early ejaculation.

When he falls into this situation, what he would need more from his woman is her good understanding. A good understanding and support from women will make men easier to beat his premature ejaculation problem.

Here are some sample of tips for women to help to make men last longer.

  1. Do not criticize or laugh at her man for the unexpected instant cumming.
  2. Give support to her man by saying positive words such as “It’s alright I believe next time you’d be better”, “I appreciate your effort”, ”Do not give up, try again I believe you can”, etc.
  3. With passion, encourage the man to try undergoing some training for ejaculation control to last longer in bed, including instant means of delaying ejaculation such as wearing a condom and delay cream.
  4. Discuss freely and gently with her man about his feeling. From this discussion woman can get idea more precisely how bad his man’s condition is and thus she can adjust her expectation thereon.
  5. For short term, woman should welcome other means of having orgasm such as oral sex or by fingering done by her man.
  6. Remove all negative thought about early ejaculation being a sign of egoism of man.
  7. Never pretend to have climaxed, because if noticed, it can upset the man and make things worse.
  8. Be creative instead of monotonous in finding a new way of having quicker orgasm for the woman.
  9. Other creative and constructive tips that women might have to make men last longer in bed.

Hope this information could inspire you for having a better idea and motivation.
Wishing you success and happy sexual life.

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