Why Does Organic Milk Last Longer?

Research has shown that in comparison to the conventional milk, the organic one has a longer life. But why is it so? Most of us normally purchase the conventional milk because it is consumed on a daily basis. The milk we generally consume expires in about a week whereas the organic milk remains fresh for about a complete month, more or less. Milk as you might already know is not consumed the moment it reaches the general stores and in order to keep it preserved and protected, it is pasteurized. You can continue reading this article to learn why the organic milk has a longer life as compared to the conservative ones.

As I also mentioned above, for protecting the milk against harmful bacteria and other foreign contaminants, pasteurization needs to be done. People can get exceedingly sick if they consumed the milk that has crossed the date of its expiry as by that time, it develops several harmful pathogens. In order to make people aware about the manufacturing date of the milk they purchase, the brands usually print the MFG date so that the customers can decide whether the milk should be bought or not.


The famers don’t often feed any type of medicine to their cattle because it affects the quality of the milk they produce. The FDA therefore requires that the milk should undergo high temperatures so that all the harmful objects can be killed in the pasteurization process. For this purpose, milk is kept at about 140 degree Celsius. In order to produce fresh milk, the cattle shouldn’t be given any kind of antibiotics as it greatly impacts the quality of the milk and furthermore, it becomes prone to many bacterial contaminants.

Another reason why organic milk lasts longer is that, it goes through higher temperatures that help in eradicating all the foreign bodies that ultimately spoil the quality of the milk and make the consumers sick. Organic milk is pasteurized with full natural conditions and no other chemicals are used for keeping it preserved. Countries that promote organic milk production have few farmers involved in the process. Milk is usually to be transported to long distances due to distant homes of the farmers who cultivate their cattle.

When it takes long hours to the vehicles to reach the shops in the cities to deliver the milk, there are higher chances of the conventional milk acquiring foul smells. On the other side, the organic milk never gets spoiled as it doesn’t expire very soon because of its special pasteurization process. Buyers therefore can consume the organic milk without any worries of its expiration date. One benefit the organic milk consumers get is that, they don’t have to refrigerate it unless the milk container is opened.

Not only organic milk but various other eatables are nowadays cultivated using the natural conditions without the use of any fertilizers during their growth. I am quite sure that you will enjoy consuming organic milk as it stays fresh and tasty for quite a long period of time giving you a full satisfaction of the extra money you pay for it.

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