Sex Holiday and Sperm Quality

How sex holiday affects your sperm quality.

By Daniel Kraska

Sex Holiday Affects Sperm Quality and Count

How Sex Holiday Affects Sperm Quality and Count

There are many ways of how to increase the sperm quality and count. But, perhaps sex holidays as the natural ways has not been discussed by many people.
For men with low sperm count, sex holidays – just one day – will improve the quality of semen. However, extending the holiday turned out to be lowering the sperm count.
What is meant with sex holiday in this post is the day with no sex activity or absent from sex.
This is based on the results of research conducted by Dr. Eliahu Levitas and his friends from the Soroka University Medical Center in Beer-Sheva Israel.

“However, with two days out, the sperm quality of men patients who experienced infertility showed a tendency to fall,” Levitas reported in the journal Fertility and Sterility, June 2005.

This finding is important for men who want to become a father, either through IVF (stands for In Vitro Fertilization) or natural processes. Levita and the team offended fertility clinics that generally followed the recommendations of WHO (World Health Organization), which suggested a man to be off-sex for 2 to 7 days before the sperm was taken for fertility evaluation. Doubting this recommendation, Levitas and friends did some research to find out more about the effects of sex holiday on sperm fertility.

For that purpose, the researchers analyzed the 9,489 sperm samples taken from 6,008 men. Then the researchers compared the sperm concentration, percentage of normal sperm, the semen, with the length of time the men were absent from sex before their sperm was collected.
Among 3,506 sperm samples were classified as low in number, the peak concentration of sperm was found after they were sexually absent for a day, then further down after that. For infertile men, the percentage of normal sperm also increased after they were off-sex for one to two days. However, normal sperm counts also dropped after two days of sex holiday, and then slowly increased again and reached its peak in the sixth or seventh day.

The researchers did not recommend the sampling of sperm from the infertile men on day10 and after. Also, it was not reported how the lifestyle the men were doing such as having diet for sex and exercises for sex or for general health, etc.

For marriage couples who experience difficulty in having a baby and never count the best timing for the husbands to have the peak sperm quality, may consider sex holiday and try to do some experiments based of the above research.

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