Perineal Muscle Exercises for Lasting Longer in Bed

Perineal Exercises for Men to Last Longer in Bed

By Daniel Kraska

Before learning how to do perineal exercises for lasting longer in bed, you will have to know what perineal muscles are.
There are several types of muscles forming the bottom part of body called perineum or perineal floor.

There are two kinds of muscle which play key role in controlling ejaculation: they are Pubococcygues muscle (usually shortened as PC muscle) and  Bulbocavernosus muscle (some people call Bulbospongiosus, shortened as BC muscle). Because of their roles in how to last longer in bed, they are also called “sex muscles”.

Exercise for Pubococcygeus & Bulbocavernosus Muscles

PC and BC Muscles to Exercise

PC muscles extend from the pubic bone to the tail bone (coccyx), while BC muscle comprises two muscles which are located around the penis bulb (the inner base of penis). These muscles are the ones that contact during ejaculation and work to push the semen or urine out of urethra.
For the sake of simple description, these two muscles (BC & PC) shall be hereunder referred as one muscle called Perineal Muscles or just PC muscles.
In the light of how to last longer in bed, the perineal muscles can be used as the last weapon to hold back ejaculation, if your arousal has gone wild beyond your mental control.

However, you should not use perineal muscles by contracting or flexing it during arousal or stimulation because doing do will in fact induce ejaculation.
So, you should really know when the right timing to use the perineal muscles for lasting longer in bed.
Perineal muscles exercises is a kind of lasting longer in bed exercises you need to do regularly in order to make the muscles stronger and stronger

The benefits of strong PM muscle are:

  • To make your erection harder.
  • To enable you to control your orgasm better.
  • To boost up the strength of your orgasm.
  • To enable you to hold back your ejaculation.

However, you should know the techniques how to make the most use of the strength of your PM muscle in order to achieve the above benefits.

Now, how to do perineal muscles exercises to make them stronger?

Perineal muscle is one of the most under-developed and under-trained muscles unlike biceps or triceps which are usually the focus of body building in the gym. This is because no body ever taught us what thing to do with this muscle and how to exercise it.
These exercises are called by most people as variation of Kegel exercises, the name after the man who created them.

The principle of pc muscle workout for men is repeatedly to contact it – hold it for some moment – then release it. The act of contracting the perineal muscles is just like you are holding urination for a few seconds.
Don’t be surprised or discouraged for all discomfort in doing this exercise for the first time. All discomfort is because of the weakness and underdevelopment of your perineal muscle.
Just think big about the benefit of this exercise later in future: you are going to last longer in bed and be a great lover with capabilities that billions of guys are not aware of.

Here what you do to start PC muscle exercise:

  1. Squeeze your PC muscles then hold for 2 or 3 seconds.
  2. Release and relax for 2 or 3 seconds
  3. Repeat step no. 1
  4. Do a set of exercise with 10 to 20 repetitions.
    You may increase to two sets of exercise if you feel one set is too light.
  5. Do the exercise two to three times a week as I usually do.
  6. You may do the exercise with the penis fully flaccid or half erect.
    (Caution : Doing them with full erect is risky for you to get injured if you do them too hard or too often. So, don’t do it unless you have been increasing the load of exercise gradually for quite long).

Do forget to regulate your breathe, you inhale when squeezing the PC muscle and exhale when releasing.

How to use your strong PC muscles to control ejaculation?

There are two phases where you should do something with PC muscles. In principle you should keep your PC muscles relaxed during arousal phase. Many men misunderstand this principle: they flex their PC muscle during this phase. This is wrong, because to do so will actually even trigger the ejaculation.
When the arousal has been so high and you are feeling an urge to come, then that is the time you flex your PC muscles.
There are many other variations of how to use PC muscles or perineal muscles in order to last longer in bed.
You will find complete step-by-step guide on BC/PC muscles workout and how to use your sex muscles in Ejaculation Training Manual e-Book to last longer in bed, which also teaches you how to develop your inner ability in all aspects related in order to last longer in bed naturally and permanently. .
This easy-to-practice manual has been used in my private sex counseling group. Most of my patients (men) were happy with the results that they could last longer than ever before after learning for some time from the manual.
Visit the official website of the manual HERE…. You might be interested.

I sympathize with you for your problem and wish you a success and happy sexual life!
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