How to Prolong Ejaculation

Seven Steps on How to Prolong Ejaculation for Men by controlling Muscles

By Daniel K.

Premature ejaculation in men is a difficulty that can affect most young partners who are how to prolong ejaculationtrying hard to make an energetic sexual life. You might need to know underlying causes of premature ejaculation. Rapid ejaculation is an issue that happens when a bloke releases quicker than the standard time he should have during love-making. But question is how to prolong ejaculation, one of the paths to lengthen it is by separating and heightening some of the major muscles.

Step one:
You need to do some training to fortify your PC muscle tissues. They often work through the lower area of the spine shaft towards the pubic area. Lots of people make reference to this muscle tissue like the love muscle tissue. If you’d like to delay your ejaculation, you really have to possess a harder PC muscles. The utilizing of exercises may help to tone up and discharge the muscle. This is comparable to exercising your biceps thru toning and building them up, that’s the same way you want to work your love muscle.

Step two – how to prolong ejaculation:
Try to focus on taking control of a few sections of your muscle collections. Use differing types of exercises to split the numerous muscles in your system. Tone them up and free the muscles in your body one after another. This can be in a position to give your full control for the things they can perform and the time to do it. It will permit you to split the personal computer muscles at the major time you need it to take full control.

Step three:
You can work to take full charge of your PC muscles at the time you visit the lavatory. The muscle is the type that sees the release and finish of pissing. You can try and stop your pissing inside thru the utilization of the muscle. It’ll help you to speedily reach out to the muscle and get it at the time you have intercourse and in exchange you will master the way to lengthen your ejaculation. .

Step four – The “Higher Stop Spot”:
Try to coach your PC muscle tissue when you are going through the mirror. You are able to lock yourself inside the room to do this job. You’ll locate the penis going down and upwards. It will allow you to definitely see you’re focusing on the expected muscle. Continue doing it until you’ve got full charge of it.

Step five – how to prolong ejaculation:
You have to exercise always. Try and construct the muscles any possibility you’ve got to increase the ability in that explicit area of the body. It will allow you to take full charge and in exchange you will be well placed to lengthen your ejaculation using it.

Step six – Pre ejaculation guide:
You need to get Pre ejaculation guide. It’s a step-by-step instruction which details the confirmed strategies which you can apply to stop rapid climax and you may lengthen your ejaculation.

Step seven – The “Lower Stop Spot”:
If you know that it’s almost time to do something but you can’t use the above strategy, forcefully press the end of your tongue against the roof of your mouth and move it around in circular motions. Although this is a rather simple method, it’s extremely efficacious in bringing down your arousal level… Eventually, you might also use extraordinarily thick rubbers to numb your penis.

All of the above methods about how to prolong ejaculation are one hundred pc natural and does not need tablets, delay cream or other medication and you need to use these without any preparation at all (apart from the utilizing of a condom).

How to Prolong Ejaculation is really a learnable skill. Watch the Video HERE to get a full insight of how it can be learned.

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Formula Best Penis Desensitizer Should Have

What Formula Best Penis Desensitizer Should Contain and Work

By Daniel K

First of all the ingredients used in penis desensitizer have to be safe to human body and each ingredient is proven to work effectively as wanted that is to help you last longer in bed.

Since early ejaculation has something to do with the overall health of your organ, the ingredient’s roles in penis desensitizer will have also to enhance the health of the organ which help you to improve your sexual performance where you get better and firmer erection.

Please bear also in mind that herbal-based ingredients are the safest ones to human body as medical professionals admitted too.

Here you will understand how best penis desensitizer works by knowing what ingredients have to be used in as its standard and basic formula.


This is the main ingredient used in penis desensitizer. The amazing efficacy of this ingredient is that it will only desensitize the nerve endings of your penis without numbing them.
Therefore, you will still be able to enjoy sex while staying much longer in bed.

Benzocaine is a mild anesthetic which is sometimes used in cough medicines.

Arginine Animo Acid

Arginine is another key natural ingredient to be used in penis desensitizer which has essential role for sexual health of a man. Medical professionals have discovered the benefit of arginine as for erection, thus they called it as natural Viagra. Arginine works amazingly when consumed as it is turned into nitric oxide inside the body. Nitric oxide itself is a natural substance that is deposited in body cells.

Nitric oxide is released from cells during sexual stimulation which makes them to enlarge.

The blood will flow easily into these enlarged cells, and this is what makes erection occur more easily. On contrary, you will not be able to get hard and long lasting erection if you are lacking nitric oxide and you may find it difficult to control your orgasm.

Ptychopetalum Olacoides.

delay cream formulaIt is more popularly known as Muria Puama. This ingredient is found in the skin of a Brazilian tree. It has been consumed as sexual enhancement aid by the natives there for several centuries. It works primarily to relax the nerve endings of the penis so that you will be able to better control the premature ejaculation.

When you nerves get relaxed, they will not induce an ejaculation command in your brain too quickly. Other benefits of Muria Puama is to help more blood circulate and reach the organ and increase the libido.

Jatropha Macrantha (Huanarpo Macho)

delay cream formulaThis herbal ingredient is generally found in South America especially in Peru. It has been consumed from generation to generation as aphrodisiac.

One important thing you should also know that the erection quality and ejaculation control is dependant on the level of norepinephrine in the brain. In this case Huanarpo comes to play its role that is to help regulate this level by acting on nerve receptors as neurotransmitter. It boosts up the libido as well.

To support ejaculation control and erection quality, the best male desensitizer will contain some supplementary natural ingredients as well.

Blue passion flower.

It helps your nerve endings to get relaxed especially on the organ, so that you won’t come to an end too early.

Passiflora leaf.

The extract of Passiflora leaf helps reduce the strain on cells.


It is Ayurvedic remedy which help improve the blood circulation. With better blood flow you will get larger, harder plus longer-lasting erection. It will also maintain the health of your cells resulting from high content of antioxidants contained.

Horny Goat Weed.

It increases nitric oxide that causes improvement of the blood stream to organ as well as reduces the cortisol in the organ, so that longer-lasting erection and more enjoyable sexual pleasure can be gained.

Conclusion : The best male desensitizer should contain not only the core ingredients to desensitize the organ but also other supporting natural ingredients that have many things to do with overall sexual performance, exclude the chemical-based ingredients which have  side-effect potential.

We have found and reviewed one penis desensitizer that contains the safe ingredients and reported in the following posts:

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