Lasting Longer in Bed Exercises with Masturbation Technique

Masturbation Technique as one of Lasting Longer in Bed Exercises

By Daniel Kraska

masturbation technique in lasting longer in bed exercises

Masturbation Technique in Lasting Longer in Bed Exercises

Masturbation technique is one of the best ways for lasting longer in bed exercises. It is because of you being able to perform it in the no-pressure situation to sense and to test your body’s response to stimulation. So you can remain calm and just focus on what you are experiencing.
The objective of masturbation technique in lasting longer in bed exercises is to re-condition your body especially your ejaculatory reflex and mind in the response to stimulation in such that you will able to raise your threshold against sexual stimulation.

Your may practice the masturbation technique by using hand as most men normally do.
However, using hand has a downfall because it isn’t like the real stimulation as in penetrative sex. It does not give continuous stimulation like real vagina, because the width of hand normally smaller than the length of erected penis unlike the real vagina which could be seven to nine inches deep when the woman gets aroused.
So, instead of using hand in this special lasting longer in bed exercises, I recommend using a masturbator (most people call “pocket vagina”) for having quicker and better results of exercises.
There are many brands available in the market, but “FleshLight” is the most recommend one.

Tips on doing masturbation technique for lasting longer in bed exercises:

  1. Do not masturbate without lubricant, as this will train your penis to become super sensitive. Good lubricant should be water-based, easy to clean without a left-over, and able to give you immense pleasure when you rub your organs just like a real vagina’s juice. Click here for recommended masturbation cream.
  2. Do not masturbate in haste and have a wish to enjoy the pleasure. Remember, this is a training session of lasting longer in bed exercises with the aim not to get pleasure and orgasm. Try to allocate at least 20 minutes of time to masturbation session. If you feel an urge to ejaculate then stop it a few seconds and get relaxed.
  3. Always do masturbation at your convenient time when you are free from any other pre-occupations. This is to prevent you from rushing the masturbation. If you do not find yet the right time, do not masturbate. If you do, it will do more harm than good.
  4. You should not be too aroused before and when starting masturbation. Throw away the old bad habit like watching the porn when masturbating, because doing so will only make you aroused too quickly and ejaculate soon.
  5. Do not over-visualize something that is erotic. You may only do this a little bit to let you penis stay hard. Because over-visualizing will get you excited/aroused too fast which triggers to ejaculation.
  6. Do not forget to breathe correctly and let you body, mind and your PC muscles (pubococcygeus muscles) or PM muscles (perineal muscles) stay relaxed.
  7. Never flex you PC/PM muscles when starting or in the middle of masturbation. Doing this will make too quick erection and the bad thing is it will loosen up the seminal vesicles holding semen.
    Flexing you PM is just done when you are about to ejaculate or reaching the stage of point of no return.
  8. Do not use hands to do all the works. Make thrusts with your body. That’s why using pocket vagina is better for thrusting your body.
  9. Empty your bladder before doing masturbation. This will lessen the pressure on perineal muscles, seminal vesicles and the prostate, which will avoid ejaculation too soon.

Along with the increasing arousal during masturbation, it is very principle that you must be familiar with your body’s response at two points of time:

  • A. When you feel urge to ejaculate within 2-3 seconds. This is popularly called point of no return.
  • B. When your penis feels to get super sensitive and your PM wanting to tighten up. This short moment is usually 10-30 seconds before the point of no return as no. A above. I call this moment as pre-point of no return.

When you arrive at point B, that’s the time you should control your arousal or stop the stimulation for a moment in order not to move quickly to point A.

Now how do you practice the masturbation technique for lasting longer in bed exercises?

Here are some tips in brief:

1). Start masturbation without rushing and let you stimulated only physically not mentally like visualizing your favorite porn. This is to activate the nerves in the perineal area, not the cerebral cortex. Normally you will get erected in 2 minutes.

2). Do Masturbation Technique called “Stop and Go” method.
Most of men do this masturbation technique incorrectly by stopping at point A, because at this point the ejaculation process is already triggered and the semen is already starting its process.
The correct way is, when you are aware you reach already point B, you stop the masturbation for a minute. Then do masturbation again and stop again at point B. Repeat this for duration between 30 minutes to one hour. Practice how to keep your perineal muscles as relaxed as you can during this technique, and practice to keep your arousal constantly low.
At the end of session you may want to ejaculate, just do it if you want to but not every end of session. Use this moment to practice on holding your ejaculation by flexing you perineal muscles. You should have learned how to do perineal exercises for lasting longer in bed.

How often do you have to practice the masturbation technique?

There is no fixed rule of how often. You may do everyday or several times in a week. Most importantly you should do it whenever you are relaxed.
You may notice the progress that you will take longer from starting the masturbation to reaching point A or B. This will also happen when you do the real sex with your spouse. Congratulation! But, do not stop there, keep practicing and you will see you will last longer and longer in bed no matter what types of libido your woman is.

For advanced lasting longer in bed exercises, there is another masturbation technique you should practice for you the get quicker results.
This all are covered in Ejaculation Training Manual which teaches you also about how to develop your inner ability to last longer in bed naturally and permanently by taking all aspects related. This easy-to-practice manual has been used in my private sex counseling group, and the majority of men were satisfied with the results after some time that they could last longer in bed than ever before.
Check out the official website HERE…. You might be interested.

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