Last Longer in Bed thru Relaxation and Breathing

How to Last Longer in Bed through Relaxation and Breathing

By Daniel Kraska
Lasting longer in bed is a dream for every normal man. But around 40% of men do not have this dream realized because of the premature ejaculation that they have.
This problem is a nightmare for them as it can ruin their sex life in the marriage and harmonious relationship with their partner.

There are various ways to last longer in bed. All are described at this website
But, in this page I am going to discuss one topic only on how and why relaxation can help you last longer in bed.
This relaxation technique is claimed by Jack Graves – the author of “Ejaculation Master” – to be effective to cope with the premature ejaculation problem.

Why can relaxation help you last longer in bed? Here is the theory:

Did you ever sense what happened to your muscles during sex before you climax?
You felt that your muscles got tense, right? Normally men find that their leg and back muscle the most tense. And this tension is increasing when they are getting closer to orgasm. The tense body and muscles are results of the energy accumulated during arousal.
It is a natural and involuntary process when the tension is beyond the body to hold, it is released through what so-called orgasm. After that you will feel your whole body much relaxed.
So, what happens if there is no tension or only little tension in your body and muscles?
The answer is you will take longer in bed to reach orgasm. Because there is no energy accumulated enough in your body to release.
Then when it comes to practice based on this theory, you have to be able to control the tension in the muscles, body and even in your mind to keep it low if you want to last longer in bed.

Now, the next question is how to control the tension and to get relaxed?

lasting longer in bed thru relaxation and breathing

Relaxation and Breathing for Lasting Longer in Bed

According to Graves, breathing is the most appropriate technique to control tension and to make you more relaxed.
Based on his observation, not less than 95% of men have short and fast breathing during sex involuntarily. They don’t realize how they are breathing during sex even they forget to breathe.
Short and rapid breathing makes you difficult to be in the relaxation state because it will usually get you a lot more tension in your muscles and mind.
So the unwanted process will happen – you breath shortly and rapidly, you get tension faster in your muscles and mind, you ejaculate faster as the results.

Many sex advisors recommend breathing technique as one thing to learn and to master in how to last longer in bed for men.
You need to breathe slowly and heavily to get you less tension in your muscles, body and mind. This will make you accumulate your energy much slower during arousal and thus prevent you from climaxing faster, and consequently you will last longer in bed while having penetration.

The technique is easy just like breathing exercise in Yoga or Tai Chi. During sex however, apart from breathing slowly and heavily you need to synchronize the inhalation and exhalation with the pelvic thrust-pull motion.
Last but not least, do practice this technique, practice will make it perfect.
All detailed guides on how to breathe properly during sex you can find and learn in Ejaculation Trainer e-book.
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