Last Longer In Bed Mindsets That A Man Must Have

Last Longer in Bed Mindsets and Perception of Premature Ejaculation

By Daniel Kraska

Understanding Fact of Inability to Last Longer In Bed for Men

Right Mindsets To Last Longer In Bed

Right Mindsets To Last Longer In Bed

Question of how to last longer in bed for men has never been ending for many men, because this issue is always in existence along with men’s life.
Inability to last longer in bed for men is because of premature ejaculation problem (PE) that they have.

If you have premature ejaculation problem, you are not alone! About up to 40% of men are estimated to have premature ejaculation problem at some moments in their lives.

In very most of the cases there is nothing medically wrong with their body, although premature ejaculation itself may bring problems in the relationship with their partners. But you have not to be ashamed of it. Inability to last longer in bed is not a disease, and you CAN improve this ability. Think something else similar to this ability that is something which can be improved, for instance: how to last longer at work, how to last longer in marathon or in any kind of sports. And sex is actually sports too.

The only difference between sex and the other sports is that sex requires different approach and ways along the process to improve its performance.

Perception of Premature Ejaculation

Many people tend to define Premature Ejaculation with numbers for instance how many hours to last long in bed, how many number of strokes, etc.

Actually Premature Ejaculation is relative definition, you do NOT have premature ejaculation with a woman who can have orgasm very quickly before you ejaculate but at other time you might have premature ejaculation when you have sex with another woman who takes longer to reach her orgasm than you to ejaculate. So when it comes to definition, you do have premature ejaculation if you are consistently not able to sexually satisfy a certain woman.

So it all will depend on how long your lady takes to feel satisfied. Every woman will take different amount of time to feel satisfied. Some women may get orgasm in a matter of minutes, while some others may take 30 minutes or more.

Some other women even find it impossible to have orgasm from penis penetration no matter how long you last, and thus they would need alternative stimulation means to reach orgasm. Because of the fact that with some women, you might have premature ejaculation while not with others, therefore premature ejaculation definition is all based on perception and the circumstances in which you encounter yourself.

Based on study, woman would take 4-16 minutes on average to reach orgasm through penetrative sex. So, if you insist your opinion of whether or not you have premature ejaculation to be based on numbers, 4-16 minutes would be quite a fair choice.

Mindsets To Last Longer In Bed For Men

As mentioned above, inability to last longer in bed for men is due to premature ejaculation.
And this ability can absolutely be improved or enhanced if you know how to eliminate the premature ejaculation and also boost up your stamina in general.
However, here are the mindsets you must have in improving your ability to last longer in bed:

  1. You have to be confident you can last longer in bed as other men can too.
  2. You have to understand how your body system works from the time of having stimulation up to ejaculation.
    Take this analogy, how can you repair your car if you don’t understand how it works?
  3. You have to understand your own body response physically, psychologically, mentally and emotionally when exposed to sex stimulation.
  4. After understanding all these, then comes to the points how to control them.
  5. You have to go on simple sexual exercise such as PC muscles and general exercises to keep your body fit.
  6. There are some healthy foods you ought to take for sexual endurance just similar to the need for athletic to take healthy foods, in order to help you last longer in bed.
  7. Be patient and consistent in doing the above practices and exercises.

By acquiring the above mindsets and firm will, then you are on the ready-to-go state to embark into ways and process to last longer in bed!

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