How to Use Stop-Start Technique to Last Longer in Bed

How to Use Stop-Start Penetration Technique to Last Longer in Bed

By DanielK

Stop Start Technique to Last Longer in Bed

Stop Start Technique to Last Longer in Bed

There are many ways to last longer in bed recommended by sex experts.
You have to explore all the methods and give them a try for learning how well your body and your partner’s respond to each of methods. Then finally you can adopt one or some of them that your body and your partner’s give the best response to them.
In the context of coping with men’s premature ejaculation the chosen methods must be somewhat that enable your partner to get the highest ecstasy and reach her orgasm quicker. At the same time, it should also enable you to delay your ejaculation and will make you last longer in bed accordingly.
One of simple ways is using stop-start technique during penetration.

Stop-start technique can make you and your partner go wild to fondle each other.
As quoted from The Sun dated Dec 21, 2009, the benefit of stop-start technique is that it can add up to tension which warm up the couple and make them more curious.

Here are some tips on how to practice the stop-start technique for lasting longer in bed:

  • During intercourse, when you are getting closer to climaxing, stop moving till the urge to ejaculate has subsided.
    Tell your wife or partner why you have to stop for a few seconds in every some minutes, for instance you want the intimacy or you want to be close with her longer.
  • During the pause, caress your partner’s body gently as much as you can. Use this short pause to “attack” on sensitive areas of your partner’s body. Doing this will make your wife/partner feel to have more powerful pleasure.
  • If the pause does not enough make your arousal and urge to ejaculate subside, you may try another trick. Pull out your penis from her, press and squeeze hard your penis with your fingers. This method will more quickly get you stay away from reaching the peak of pleasure, and also will restore your sexual response back to condition in the beginning of intercourse.
  • If you think it is not the right time to pull out from your partner for sake of your partner’s interest, then you can use another trick. Squeeze your testicles as strongly as you can bear and then pull downward firmly.

It is a good idea to practice this trick in private before you apply during intercourse.
Remember, stop-start technique is one of simple tricks on bed to last longer. The best way to learn how to last longer in bed is by developing your inner capability through holistic approach that you can find in this Ejaculation Training Manual.

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