How To Make Woman Orgasm Quicker

Lasting Longer in Bed by Making a Woman Orgasm Quicker

By Daniel Kraska

This page will be discussing how to make a woman orgasm quicker. It seems to sound strange because the main topic and goal of this site is how to last longer in bed for men.
But, for those who are experiencing premature ejaculation problem, it can really work to cope with their problem. Why?

It’s been discussed in the previous posts that premature ejaculation definition is subjective or personal opinion and relative. It occurs depending on the types of women you have sex with. With certain women you might have premature ejaculation because they reach orgasm later than you to ejaculate. But another woman can orgasm in two minutes or before your ejaculation which then makes you think you do not have premature ejaculation issue.

The objective of lasting longer in bed is to make a woman orgasm hence to satisfy your woman or spouse, not to count what number of thrusts or hours you would last.
If you always ejaculate before your woman orgasms, why not now bring her to climax before you to ejaculate? If this works, then you have been able to put aside your premature ejaculation issue and relatively you would last longer than your spouse to come. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Therefore, to make woman orgasm quicker can be of trick or strategy to cope with men’s problem of premature ejaculation and this is not discussed by many of site owners or authors of the books on the PE.

I suggest that you should learn this trick apart from how to develop your own ability to last longer in bed.

how to make a woman orgasm quicker

How to Make a Woman Orgasm Quicker

make women having orgasm quickly

Make Women Having Orgasm Quickly

In order to make woman orgasm quicker, you need to get her prepared and ready for orgasm in a minute by continuously exciting and stimulating her to the highest level of arousal.
There are 4 factors to consider in priming a woman for orgasm: foreplay, good communication, good emotional connection, and her perception of the experience.

Here are some simple tips on making a woman extremely aroused and on the verge of exploding orgasm:

There are various techniques used in foreplay to get woman quickly aroused, commonly such as kissing her lips and neck, fondling her breast and other erogenous parts of her body, finger or oral stimulation. More specifically you can learn how to stimulate her G-Spot. G-spot stimulation would drive your spouse crazy with long-lasting ecstasy.

Emotional connection:
Woman orgasm is affected very much by emotional connection with her man.
She will enjoy the sex and thus will be having orgasm quicker if she feels emotionally connected with her man. Therefore, a healthy relationship and good communication has to be always maintained.

You have to exactly know what style of talking your spouse prefers. Some women prefer romantic and soft conversation while others might prefer a bit of dirty talks. Woman will be getting aroused quicker with a well connected communication.

Her perception about sexual experience:
You should have actually known what her perception if she has been your spouse or wife for quite a long time.
Normally a woman would be pleased to see her partner satisfied with what she gives, because the gift is the expression of her love. So, in this case never ever let fall a hint that you are not interested in her or not enjoying the sex.
If she knows this, then her arousal will drop to the point where she won’t be able to orgasm at all.
However, every woman is different in perceiving sexual experience. So, you need some testing, questioning and experiment with trial and error to figure out what she perceives especially if she is your new girl friend.

Now when she has been primed already through the above techniques, it is the time to do the penetrative sex.

Here are some simple tips on how to make a woman orgasm quickly during sex:

    1. Keep paying attention on emotional connection, communication, and her perception in order to maintain her high level of arousal and drive her crazy about you all time.
    2. Define and maintain the speed your woman seems to get most crazy. Many women would like to have hard-fast thrusting, but start with a slower motion first.
    3. Be consistent in motion of thrusting. This is to make your woman orgasm earlier.
      Do not pause, switch positions, or change speeds very often.
      When she is about to come in seconds increase the speed and roughness as other women usually like this.

Have a successful trial.

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