How to Last Longer in Bed For Men Without Pills Free Tips

How to Last Longer in Bed For Men Without Pills – Common Free Tips

How To Last Longer In Bed For Men Without Pills

Last Longer In Bed Without Pills

Learning how to last longer in bed for men without pills is easy but it needs high discipline and takes a bit longer than using pills.

Using pills to last longer in bed is surely the easiest way with almost immediate result you want, but the downside is that pills become expensive if you buy them continuously. There are also a number of other disadvantages of using pills.

Here are a number of the free common methods and approaches on how to last longer in bed for men without pills:

Masturbate before having sex.

masturbation to last longer in bedMasturbation before having sex is the easiest and most common method to last longer in bed without pills. This is proven to be effective as experienced by many men.
Controlling and slowing down the initial excitement is very difficult for many men. With masturbation before sex, the penis will be less sensitive and you will be at more ease which enable you better control your second ejaculation.

Take a deep breath.

By deep breathing and focus on your breathing will help you get relaxed thus better control and delay your ejaculation. Learning and practicing breathing techniques for lasting longer in bed is easy.

Mind Control.

mind control to last longer in bedThe more your mind is focusing firmly on your partner and the pleasure your are enjoying during sex play, the more difficult for you to last longer in bed.
So, distract for a moment your mind from your sex play and the pleasure, and focus on something else that makes you less excited.
For many men it is very difficult in the beginning, but later they find how easy it is when they have tried many times.
Or, you may still want to imagine your sexy partner, but just do it only a little in some way that reduces your arousal.

PC Muscle Control.

PC muscle control to last longer in bedPC muscle stands for pubococcygeus muscle, which expands from the tail bone (coccyx) to the pubic bone to support all the organs inside the pelvic. Check for PC muscle definition here.
You can use your PC muscle to control and to delay your ejaculation, by squeezing the muscle when you feel about to come.
However, you need to have your PC muscle strong enough to enable you to control your ejaculation. Strengthening PC muscle can be achieved through a simple PC muscles exercise by means of tightening and releasing the muscle repeatedly.
If you keep doing this exercise, you will notice the good results within one week that you are able to last in bed a bit longer and also you will feel your stronger erection.
How good the result is will depend on how long your exercise is.
The longer period you keep doing this exercise the better you can control your ejaculation and thus the longer you are able to last longer in bed without pills with your partner. This is one of favorite methods for many men.

Using Condom – one simple way to last longer in bed without pills.

The purpose of using condom is to desensitize your penis.
With your penis being less sensitive, the longer you will take reach the climax and ejaculate. There are various types of condoms available as regards thickness, plain or ribbed and each type serves different purposes.
Another way to desensitize your penis is by using desensitizing cream.

Woman-on-top sex position.

You may try the woman-on-top position. This position normally can slacken down your ejaculatory process because of less stimulation it gives.

Have Regular Sex to enable last longer in bed naturally.

Arrange you sex schedule in such not too long from one day to another day.
If you are absent from your sexual activity for a long period of time, you will likely get too excited and ejaculate quicker.

Overcome your lack of confidence.

Men are losing confidence because the persistent PE problem so that they will feel nervous every time they begin to make love. In fact if they can really focus on pleasing their partner and enjoying the play for a moment, it will help a lot relieve their PE symptoms or erection disability.
You may have mastered all the skills and methods of how to last longer. But, if you still have no confidence then all you have learned will become less effective or even futile.

Talk and be open to your partner about your Premature Ejaculation.

A good spouse will understand your problem and accept it for some time while giving you spirit and motivation to learn something about how to last longer in bed. She will appreciate you if it promises her better and better sexual pleasure.
No communication will results in you to keep wandering whether or not you can satisfy your spouse and guessing whether or not your spouse will get mad or unhappy with your problem.
Knowing and understanding your premature problem, your partner can even learn anything about how to make a man last longer in bed. So that, the treatment of your PE will be most effective and quicker if being worked out together.

Seeking help from your physician.

This is to make sure that there not any underlying physical issues you are concerned about. Your physician might have best alternatives on how to last longer in bed without pills for your case.
In some cases, your physician may recommend you having some penis exercises regularly, which will help solve the problem.

Healthy diet for lasting longer in bed without pills.

Healthy Diet Helps You Last Longer In BedMost of sexual health professionals will recommend healthy diet to be included in program  to last longer in bed.
Vitamins and herbs well known in helping erect longer are many available.
Even many of them which can help spur a blood flow to the penis thus it will help your penis to firmly erect for a longer time.

Workouts to help how to last longer in bed.

Always keep your body fit and healthy by doing regular workouts.
Regular workouts means last longer in bed exercises as well, because it will help you get relaxed, feel good and less nervous due to the increase of serotonin hormone level in your body. If you relax and calm you would be able to control your ejaculation and thus make you last longer in bed without pills.
Do your hobbies regularly like jogging, swimming, fitness, etc.

Conclusion :

Revolutionary Methods for Lasting Longer in Bed

Revolutionary Methods

You should not be embarrassed having PE because you are not alone and PE is something that can absolutely be cured.
Do start learning how to last longer in bed for men without pills by trying some of the above simple methods first for quick fix. Some may work for you. But when you come to quick-fix techniques, these are nothing compared to the 18 quick-fix techniques and other guides revealed in the Ejaculation Trainer e-Book for permanent premature ejaculation cures. This e-Book teaches you how to develop your inner ability to last longer permanently in bed in long term without any external aids or medication.
Read the Review  of the e-Book before you decide to buy it.

Good Luck, be Happy  and Enjoy your sex life!
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