How to Last Longer in Bed and Mental Control

How to Last Longer in Bed through Mental Control

By Daniel Kraska

how to last longer in bed

Clear Your Mind Off Sexual Thoughts to Last Longer in Bed

Mental control plays important role in curing premature ejaculation. The mental aspects deal with the things like how you perceive sex, the state of your emotions and feelings, and your thoughts. These all can influence how quickly or slow you are going to ejaculate.
Possessing the right mindset and attitude is a major aspect in how to last longer in bed by controlling arousal and ejaculation.

Why does mentality affect the ability of lasting longer in bed?

  • Certain opinions, feelings, and emotions can bring about your arousal to become too excessive, and excessive arousal is the starting point of the process of ejaculation.
  • These emotions and thoughts generate certain hormones that have an impact on the process of ejaculation.
  • Particular opinions, feelings and emotions will place you on the path to getting ejaculation sooner before you even start. Less confidence and/or anxiety about poor performance are in this classification.

So now, how to develop the right attitude or mentality in order to last longer in bed?
Here are mental aspects that you need to control and have them right:

1). Never consider that sex as a big deal or special event.

Most of men consider sex as a special event because they do it rarely or they just love sex very much. This makes you to become over-excited, which accelerates the generation of ejaculation-causing hormones. If you are over-excited, your blood will have higher levels of dopamine and testosterone hormones that cause early ejaculation and consequently lasting longer in bed would not be possible. You have to try to view sex as a daily routine even if in fact it is not. Specific breathing techniques are useful to reduce over-excitement and make your body relaxed.

2). Stay off from fear and anxiety about how long you would last in bed.

Anxiety or fear affects the daily life of many people. If you are afraid you can not do your selection test for applying a job, then that is really going to happen: you fail in the test! If you think you are sick then you are really going to be sick as you think you are.
Similarly, when going into sex and you are thinking and afraid you will perform poorly, that is exactly what is going to happen. If you are anxious about how to last longer in bed, then you will not be lasting longer.
In principle, what you think normally ends up being what you get, whether you like it or not, whether it is bad or good. So you should always go into sex without any fear and have a calm, clear mind and confident attitude.
The mind is very powerful and basically can control your reality. It is understandable this can be hard after having many experiences of inability to last longer in bed, but there is no choice that you must try your best to keep confident.
If this is difficult for you and the fear is just too great, then set it in this time scale for instance in a week, a month, or a year.
Believe me; nobody (including your partner) would care about you having ever had a bad time in bed! So why should you bother and worry about it? Ever having a poor performance in bed is not at all the end of your joy.
This is how anxiety about performance causes you unable to last longer in bed.

3). Do not ever imagine or indicate to yourself anything to do with getting orgasm or premature ejaculation.

Remember once more about how your thoughts affect your reality. Being unable to last longer in bed will really occur if you have been thinking and worried about it.
Whenever you are worried or thinking about ejaculating, you are signaling your brain into interpreting that you want to ejaculate. It really demonstrates how your words and thoughts work subconsciously in making your body do something which you did not intend or need to do.

4). Constructing a Meditative Mentality to Last Longer in Bed.

As already mentioned above, mental aspects such as certain emotions, thoughts and attitudes play important roles in how to last longer in bed for men.
Meditation practice will train you to gain better control over your mind and your body’s reactions, such as emotional and chemical reactions and ejaculation. The ultimate results of meditation is that you will be able to have sex even without a thought, emotion or distraction entering your mind, and consequently you will be able to last longer in bed.

Please visit this site again for another post about some guides for basic meditation technique.

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