How To Last Longer in Bed Affects the Self Esteem of a Man

The Relation Between Lasting Longer in Bed and the Self-Esteem

self-esteem-of-manOne of the most important achievements in man’s life is self-esteem. This is what makes a man feels really like a man. The self esteem is itself developed through the recognition of him by his society including his partner. The ability of lasting longer in bed and acquiring the knowledge and skill how to do it are something that contributes to building his self-esteem, moreover if it is recognized by is partner.

On the contrary, when a man does not know how to last longer in bed, and is not able to please his lover, his self esteem is detriment, and his overall happiness may also be affected, not to mention his anxiety levels may increase regarding sex.

Causes of PE and Inability to Last Longer In Bed

The bad thing is that according to experts, about 70% of all men will fail to know how last longer in bed at some point in their life. And for those who chronically don’t know how men last longer in bed, this can be an ongoing sexual nightmare that prevents them from surpassing the two minute mark, in instances of frequent and chronic premature ejaculation. Some doctors even purport that how men last longer in bed is something that starts with childhood, and is often called primary type PE. When how men last longer in bed crosses over to the adult threshold, it’s often referred to as secondary type PE.

Sexual anxiety and fear are the biggest contributing factors to how men last longer in bed. Since premature ejaculation is nearly a purely mental issue, when men are about to penetrate the vagina, the anxiety can kick in like a wildfire in their brain. They are so scared of what they will do to last longer this time around. They are trying to think of anything and everything else that they possibly can in order to avoid premature ejaculation and to finally answer how men can last longer in bed. And, they are generally anxious and stressed, which releases a fight or flight hormone in the body called cortisol that greatly decreases a man’s sexual ability to last longer in bed.

What is the solutions for how men last longer in bed?

There are some easy solutions that you can look into for how to last longer in bed for men. Things like penis rings or thicker condoms work wonders for a lot of men. Some men take natural supplements that increase virility and increase libido, as well as boost testosterone production. Other men work out more often and maintain a healthier lifestyle. And some men even take antidepressants, which have been shown to have a high success rate for answering how a man can last longer in bed. There are a wide variety of different answers for treating premature ejaculation. Often, however, they start with the mind and self confidence of the man that is suffering. Once he regains that confidence, he will generally last longer in the bed than before.

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