How to Increase Sexual Pleasure

4 Things to Avoid in Enhancing Sexual Pleasure in Marriage

By Daniel K.

how to increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction

Enhancing Sexual Pleasure in Marriage

Lasting longer in bed is not the only one way for either man or woman that can make them fully sexually satisfied – there are some other aspects that influence the level of sexual pleasure and satisfaction in marriage and pleasure.

Sex is a complicated and delicate thing for some people who are not able to treat it wisely. A slight mistake in behaving during sex could lead to disappointment to either one of the couple.
There are some restrictions that should not be said or done when you’re having sex so as not to damage the harmony of sexual relations with a partner.

Here are 4 taboos that should not be done when having sex, as reported Sheknows on Wednesday, September 12, 2012:

1. Complaining about your body reduces Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction.

When you are not satisfied with the condition of your body, such as due to having a small penis or breasts and thighs, you should not vow or show your disappointment and anxiety in front of your partner during sex.
Doing so will make your partner feel uncomfortable because of having to take precautions so as not to offend what that concerns you, thus it will reduce the sexual pleasure and satisfaction for both. Instead, focus on the things that make you more confident and able to enjoy sex with your partner.

2. Lying about what you like or not can also reduce Sexual Satisfaction.

When your partner tries to improvise during sex with some new variations, do not hesitate to say that you do not like it when you really do not like it. Do not lie with saying you like it as it would make you uncomfortable. If you keep doing so, your sexual arousal and desire as well as satisfaction will drop by itself and it would be detrimental to the harmonious relationship with your partner.

3. Pretending to have an orgasm as if you are sexually satisfied.

This issue mostly comes with women.
Some women think that by pretending to have an orgasm can please her partner. But pretending can turn into big problems if their man notices later that they are not able to give the best things in the bedroom to their partner. If this happens, consequently each partner will not be able to achieve sexual satisfaction.
If woman has trouble in getting an orgasm, she would better talk to her partner and she may need the help of a sex therapist to see if there are problems that inhibit orgasms.

4. Doing anything new to achieve sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Most people will do a lot of things to please their partner during sex. But if you are not comfortable with a new way of doing it, then stop it.
Sexual pleasure and satisfaction will be achieved only if each partner feels the comfort and contentment. So, you need to find a way to enhance sexual pleasure jointly with your partner so that neither you nor your partner feels any discomfort.

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