how to delay ejaculation

How to Delay Ejaculation – Things You Need to Know First

how to delay ejaculationThe topic of how to delay ejaculation is primarily driven by the concern of men about their so-popularly called early ejaculation or premature ejaculation – no matter if the problem is actual or merely perceived.

Ejaculation itself is really a very normal and natural process during sexual intercourse for every man (and every other mammal). But why do men and other mammals ejaculate so quickly? Here are the reasons:

  1. Procreation is a Natural Function.

To ensure that sperm cells are accepted and given time to fertilize, a man must orgasm before a woman. The reproductive process was really created to do precisely what its name says: reproduce. Similar to other physical functionality, the reproductive system is going to naturally attempt to be as productive as possible. Rapid ejaculation has been a trait of our bodies since the birth of mankind, perhaps even earlier in evolution (if you subscribe to such beliefs). Thus, it’s natural to ejaculate quickly.

But as modern culture and values have developed, women have begun to demand a good sex life. They have an equal right to be sexually satisfied. This has created leverage for men to make every effort to figure out how to delay ejaculation in order to be able to satisfy their partner.

  1. Super Responsive Neurological System.

If you ejaculate too soon, you merely have an extra responsive neurological system. You have been born with this specific condition. However, this is often something that you can fix through practicing certain methods.

The quick fix to this problem is applying delay cream or spray to your organ, but make sure to choose the right product and apply right dose to avoid the side effects.

  1. Poor Masturbation Habits.

Early ejaculation might also be the results of poor masturbation habit where since adolescence are trying to reach orgasm quickly, never thinking of how to delay ejaculation. Repeatedly practicing the process of a quick orgasm following masturbation, their ejaculatory reaction becomes conditioned to be highly responsive.

  1. Insufficient Serotonin hormone.

Serotonin performs a prime role in ejaculation control. Because serotonin is an ejaculation inhibitor, lacking normal levels of this brain chemical can attribute to premature ejaculation.

Therefore, this hormone has become one of staple ingredients in most pills designed for delaying ejaculation.

How do I Delay Ejaculation Correctly?

This has been a common question asked by many of my patients in my sex and marriage counseling group.

Many of them try methods that they know from their friends and popular media outlets, but they lack general knowledge about approaches on how to delay ejaculation. As a result, they have only discovered very limited solutions to their problem (solutions which are often found to be ineffective).

Having broad knowledge on how to delay ejaculation is essential to success because it helps develop more precise ideas on what to work on. It also helps to find solutions best suited to your specific condition: preference, mentality, attitude, your goal as well as your budget.

I have mapped 4 approaches on how to delay ejaculation by using: various simple tricks during sex, external aids, drugs/pills and your inner ability.

Each approach has its pros and cons that you have to consider; and you should bear in mind that what is best for one person might not work well for another.

There is one determining factor for success in treatment of early ejaculation for men: self-confidence.

Many of my patients lost their self-confidence after having a bad experience during sexual performance.

Even further, this bad sexual experience has been deeply rooted into their traumatic memory banks (which is very hard to forget). This could also negatively influence many other aspects of life.

This lack of self confidence and traumatic experience, in some cases, are nearly impossible to eradicate. And this, if found to be a hindrance, should become first priority; rebuild confidence before trying to figure out how to delay ejaculation.

One of best recipes to re-build self-confidence is by recognizing other men who have had serious problems in both the past and present and their success when it comes to delaying ejaculation  – you are not alone.

Hope this information is useful for you.

Good Luck.

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