How to Delay Ejaculation for Men

4 Approaches on How to Delay Ejaculation for Men

By Daniel Kraska.

how to delay ejaculation for menEjaculation is the process of releasing all tension within the body after sexual arousal has reached its peak and the body can no longer hold back an orgasm. The process is accompanied by the release of semen, and men become flaccid immediately afterwards.

It is when men enjoy the most pleasurable moment commonly called orgasm.

Yet, if it is the most pleasurable moment of sexual intercourse, then why is there a question of how to delay ejaculation for men?

Based on my observation of my clients in my sex counseling group, there are three main reasons for delaying ejaculation for men:

  1. They suffer from what they perceived as Early Ejaculation, or what is more commonly known as Premature Ejaculation. In this case, the man consistently climaxes faster than his female partner.
  2. They want to last longer in order to enjoy sex longer and to give their partner multiple orgasms.
  3. They want to impress their partner.

There are 4 approaches of how to delay ejaculation for men.

  1. Using a few simple tricks during intercourse:
    Examples of these tricks are:
    Stop-Start Technique
    Selecting a sex position that helps delay ejaculation
    Distracting thoughts
    Breathing techniques to calm the mind and lessen arousal
    Perennial muscle flexing to hold imminent ejaculation
    Pre-intercourse masturbation
    Many other common tricks to last longer in bed
  2. Using external aid and treatment to delay ejaculation:
    Wearing condom to reduce sensitivity
    Applying desensitizing spray, lotion or cream to the organ
  3. Using oral medication/treatment:This covers oral pills for delaying ejaculation. There are many of male enhancer products both locally and online. But you need to be careful and choose the right one for you. Please read the review of last longer in bed pills for you to get an idea about what condition of men the pills are intended for.
  4. Developing inner ability through training and exercises to delay ejaculation thus lasting longer in bed:
    This covers mental and physical training to recondition your body.

Which approach is the best for a man to delay ejaculation?
The answer is that it depends on: the reason why he wants to delay ejaculation, the condition of the man, the target he wants to achieve, how is his mentality, his attitude and what is his preference.

Here are some guidelines to help decide which one might be the best for you.

Approach no. 1 would normally work for men who want to delay ejaculation just a little bit longer.
The typical user of this method only experiences a minor premature ejaculation issue; with these tricks they will likely be able to stay longer to bridge the small time gap between his and his partner’s climax.
These tricks are very simple with immediate results so they are suitable also for men who want to be practical and fast.

Approach No.2 would be suitable for men with high penis sensitivity.
High sensitivity is a physical trait that has been around since they were born; this can hardly be corrected.
The approach of using external aids such as condoms or desensitizing creams can also be a supporting treatment to approach no.1, no.2 or 4 if found not helpful enough.
This approach is also suitable for men who want to be practical and gain fast results.

Approach No. 3 would be the best choice for elderly men who want to see if they could delay ejaculation longer, immediately and practically. Most of them who take this route are those men who lack stamina and testosterone in their body which results in low libido, weak erection or loss of erection in the middle of intercourse. This usually happens to men of mid ages and above.

Approach No. 4 would be suitable for men who suffer from PE (not because of hyper sensitive penis) and want to delay ejaculation much longer in bed naturally and permanently for the long term.
This approach would require more dedication in terms of time, effort, and discipline. Men who choose this method must be passionate and self-confident.

An option that is suitable for one man will not be necessarily suitable for another.

From the number of approaches of how to delay ejaculation for men, there could be one, multiple, or certain combinations of the approaches that might work well.

Please visit us again more discussion on every approach in more details.

Hope this information is useful for you.
Good Luck.

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  2. Matt says:

    I tried SSRIs and hate the way they made me feel, exercises did’t really help. I heard about Promescent spray and it helped me a lot. It’s kinda pricey, but I can go for about six minutes now. That is priceless cause I have more confidence, which I really think is half the battle. I felt bad about going too fast, so that made me go even faster, or not get up at all. Now that I know I can last for a while, I feel better and can relax more. My wife is much happier now too.

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