How Can A Man Last Longer In Bed

How Can a Man Last Longer in Bed Naturally? Here Are 8 Simple Tips.

By Daniel K.

How can a man last longer in bed? That is the question frequently asked in the discussion of male vitality. There many answers to this question.
Some say use a tool or drug or last longer in bed pills, some say there is a way to hold an orgasm techniques. All this way can give a satisfactory result but not permanently.
So, how can a man last longer in bed naturally and permanently?

Here are some simple tips on natural ways on how a man can last longer in bed.

Reduce the sensitivity of the penis during sex.

Conventional way is to use a condom. But some men are reluctant to use condoms because condoms reduce pleasure. If you do not want to use condoms, another way is to pull out the penis from the vagina at the moment when you almost reach the climax.
When the feeling to reach orgasm subsides then re-insert your penis.
This trick is useful to distract you from the sensation of orgasm thus it would make you last longer in bed without reducing your penis erection.

How can a man last longer in bed with the correct sex position?

The position of man on top or doggy style is the best position to help a man last longer in bed. How can it be? Because this position lets the gravity spur more blood flow towards penis so erection can be harder and last longer. With a man on top position, you are more able to control the motion so as not to reach the orgasm quickly.

Do not be nervous.

Too nervous or tense will make erection become less powerful or at worst no erection at all. So, if this happens how can a man last longer in bed?
Anxiety often occurs when it is the first time for a man to have sex with his  spouse or if there is lack of confidence that he can satisfy his partner.
If this is your case, find a convenient way of how to overcome your nervousness.

Foods with good nutrients that enable to last long in bed.

Source of nutrients including that for the power of sex is only obtained from a good meal.
Carbohydrates are nutrients essential to create the energy of the body including the sex that can be obtained from the bread or potatoes,
Iron is the main ingredient for the formation of testosterone, seminal fluid and sperm. These nutrients can be obtained from sea foods, peas or the like.
To be more practical, intake of these nutrients can be obtained through the consumption of supplements / vitamins that many drug stores sell.
Do not eat too much before sex. If you and your spouse eat and plan to have sex after a meal, then it is advisable not to eat meat and drink wine as a dessert. And do not pass up sex within 1 hour after eating, so that digestion can work perfectly.

Re-administer the intake of medicines for certain illnesses.

The usual medicine that doctors prescribe for people suffering from depression, anxiety, social phobia and OCD can cause erection difficulties. If erection problem comes in the first place then how can a man last longer in bed?
If you’re taking medicines for those illnesses, you should consult with your doctor about getting a right dose as not to endanger your sexual life, or if there is, find an alternative drug that does not adversely impact the ability of your sex.
We do not discuss in the details here how can these medicines affect the sex ability.

Save your energy.

Do not use too much of your energy at the beginning of your sex play as not to make you tired too soon. Too tired when beginning a sexual relationship will make erection become weak so that you can not last longer in bed any more.


Train your abdominal muscles. Strong abdominal muscles will help erections last longer. And also when your abdominal muscles nicely look like six packs, this will increase your confidence.
Besides, you can also do exercises meant for enlarging your penis size. Although this exercise has not been proven to increase penis size but there are benefits for the erection to last longer.

Do not smoke and drink alcohol.

It is best if you can stop smoking altogether and drinking alcohol. But if you can not, then you should reduce it to a minimum.
Excessive smoking can impede blood flow to your penis when you have sex. And excessive alcohol can give bad effects on your prostate.
It is wrong mythos that says a man who smokes will look more manly, but it is true if a man can last longer in bed.

Another recommendation is work together with your partner. Because woman – your partner – can help in treatment of how to make a man last longer in bed.

I hope the above tips can be of some help for those asking question: How a man can last longer in bed?

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