G-Spot Orgasm Stimulation and Location

How to Find G-Spot Location to Give Stimulation and Get Her Orgasm

History of Finding G-Spot location

One of the reasons why female is difficult to orgasm is that there is no knowing of where the G-Spot location for getting stimulation – the most erogenous point in the intimate female organ. Not only the commoners, even scientists took 60 years to find it due to its very tiny size.

For decades, the G-Spot or the most erogenous spot on the female sex organs has been a hot debate among sex researchers. Many of them concluded it as merely a myth, but also many were still curious about it and searching for it.

Almost recently, a gynecologist of the United States was able to crack the puzzle that had not been answered in the last 60 years. His name is Adam Ostrzenski, who finally was successful to locate a point which has been referred to as the G-Spot.

Ostrzenski found the G-Spot location after probing the body of an old woman from Poland, who passed away because of her severe head injury. Genitals of the deceased were disassembled, tampered and then the number of ganglion on each surface was counted.

After comparing each part to another, Ostrzenski detected one small point which had the highest number of ganglion compared to other adjacent locations which made it the most sensitive point to stimulation. He attributed this point to G-Spot which had the size as small as just  8.1 x 3.6 x 1.5 mm. Therefore, no wonder why the G-Spot was hard to find so far.

A quote by the Telegraph, Wednesday, April 25 of 2012 read: “This study anatomically has confirmed that G-Spot does exist, so we can enhance our understanding about the female sexual function,” as Ostrzenski wrote in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.
The term of G-Spot itself was given by Ernst Grafenberg – a German gynecologist who was claiming in 1950’s that every female had one most sensitive spot in their body. This spot when given stimulation in the right way could lead to orgasm.

Despite there having been a lot of research to detect G-Spot location done by scientists, the result was always confusing for many years.
Even in this earlier 2012, an expert of Connecticut – Dr. Amichai Kilchevsky was still holding a belief that G-Spot was a myth.

Bringing Woman to quick Orgasm through G-Spot stimulation

As already discussed in the previous articles, one of the tactics of how to cope with men’s premature ejaculation is to bring their woman to orgasm quicker than the men to ejaculate. If this can be managed then premature ejaculation should no longer be an issue and thus men can be said to be able to last longer than their woman to reach orgasm. Remember the primary objective of this website if to help you to able to satisfy your wife or spouse.
And lowering woman’s threshold to get orgasm is one aspect for you need to learn in the Holistic Approach to last longer in bed which is covered in the Ejaculation Training Manual (e-Book).

There are many ways to drive woman quickly to a high level of arousal, and stimulating the G-spot has been proven to be the most effective way to bring woman to the greatest level of pleasure and orgasm she would ever have in her sexual life. But man, you should know how to do this correctly.
Watch the following short video to give you an idea where the G-Spot is and how to stimulate it.

The duration G-Spot orgasm leaps ahead. Unlike the normal vaginal or clitoral orgasm, which normally lasts from 8 to 19 seconds, G-Spot orgasm can often last more than 45 seconds.

Besides giving the greatest pleasure of long lasting orgasm, another benefit of G-Spot stimulation is believed to be able to reduce the risk for cancer and diseases in the female prostate (also called Skene’s paraurethral glands and ducts).

IMPORTANT : You need to give a foreplay and to prime your woman to having G-Spot stimulation and G-Spot orgasm. This is delicate thing, do not make a mistake. So, I recommended you to learn first carefully before jumping into practice.
All you can learn in an eBook “Understanding the G-SPOT and Female Sexuality” by Donald L. Hicks, written in 121 pages and 500Kb file size. Click HERE to download for free for your educational reference. Have a happy reading.

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