Foods to Last Longer in Bed

What Foods that Make You Last Longer in Bed?

The prime objective of this website is to overcome the early ejaculation that men have so that they can satisfy their woman and thereby improve the relationship.

There is large variety of methods of lasting longer in bed but majority of men forget during the treatment and training that foods can also help them last longer in bed.

Here are some foods that make you last longer in bed:

Sea Foods that make you last longer in bed1). Seafood
In general, these foods contain high zinc, and fish especially Salmon contains also high Omega-3 which is good for the heart and blood vessel so that improve blood circulation.
Specifically, oyster is also well known as a good aphrodisiac which maintains the health of heart.

Almonds to last longer in bed2). Almonds
Many men reported they experience some increase in their quicker arousal during stimulation after eating Almonds for some time.
Almond contains rich nutrients and minerals such as zinc, selenium, and vitamin E that are essential to reproductive and sexual health. Zinc will help increase men’s libido and sexual desire.
Having a high arousal is a important as a good start. But during sex you should be able to control your arousal in order to last longer in bed.

avocado to boost libido3). Avocado
With high content of unsaturated fats this kind of foods is known as a good aphrodisiac that can maintain the health of heart. This substance will help heart beat steadily and properly which enables blood to flow to the every part of the body.
Based on medical study, heart disorders and erectile dysfunction will increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

foods to boost libido4). Citrus / Orange
Oranges have many kinds of folic acid, vitamin C, and antioxidant which are essential for male reproduction system. Apart from eating oranges directly, you can add orange/lime or lemon into your daily foods or cooking.

foods to increase sexual stamina5). Strawberry
These foods contain folic acid which increases the sperm count. The more the sperm count the more you are able to get aroused. However, the easier you get aroused the higher demand you need to control your arousal in order to stay longer in bed.
As for woman, the folic acid helps reduce the unwanted risk during childbirth.
The nice taste and red color of strawberry as reported by some men, increases the sense of having higher passion.

foods to boost sexual stamina6). Dates
Dates contain powerful nutrients.
These fruits have high fiber and some vitamins plus minerals. Dates can help your heart beat regularly which benefit to blood circulation to every corner of your body including genital organ so that improving your sexual stamina and ability to last longer in bed!

foods that make you stay longer in bed7). Mix of Goat’s Milk, Honey, Dates and Cardamom powder
Use this recipe for boosting your sexual stamina to last longer in bed and sterility.
One Tbsp of Cardamon powder,
Two Tbsp of Honey and One Cup of Dates,
One and half cups of Goat’s Milk.

Mixing Process:
Put the dates into goat’s milk in a bowl.
Cover the bowl and keep it in fridge for one night (min 10 hours).
Once the dates have soaked in the goat’s milk, grind the dates in the milk
Add honey and Cardamon powder into the soaked dates and mix them.
Ready to drink.

Do not forget to take also other healthy foods in your daily diet and do regular physical exercise to keep up your good health in general. Good foods should not be forgotten to be taken with your daily diet whether or not you are doing some training for ejaculation control for lasting longer in bed.

Wishing you success and a happy sex life.

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