Fish in Sex Diet to Boost Sex Drive

Benefit of Fish in Sex Diet to Boost Male Sex Drive

By Daniel K

Fish Benefits for Sex Diet

Fish Benefits for Sex Diet

Fish contains good nutrient to maintain general health. Recent study by nutritionists revealed that fish also is one of good foods for sex because it contains essential nutrients to increase male sex drive.

Fish especially Salmon contains a large amount of Omega-3 and Arginine. The latter is a kind of Amino Acid for the body to produce Nitric Oxide.
One of the causes of why a man cannot get full erection, or fails to erect is that the narrow blood vessel in his genital organ. While in woman, it would cause difficulty to get aroused. And that is the function of Nitric Acid – to expand the blood vessels, so that blood can flow at full in the expanded vessels which enable erection for man and improve the arousal in woman.

Besides the above mentioned nutrients, fish also contains Zinc (chemical symbol: Zn).
Based on study by sex diet experts, male sexual problem is often closely related to deficiency of zinc. Insufficiency of zinc compound in body of a baby boy would hamper the growth of his sexual organ.

While in adult, zinc is essential nutrient for semen, sperm and testosterone production.
Deficiency of zinc accordingly will reduce the sperm count and testosterone and ultimately would decrease the sex drive as well as urge to ejaculate.
The low level of testosterone in male would cause lower sexual appetite and arousal and accordingly your passion for love making.
In the context of improving ability to last longer in bed, healthy sex diet should be given a considerable attention.

As a general guide, men would 11mg of zinc in his daily diet while and woman would need 8mg. High content of zinc is found in Sardine fish, Salmon, Tuna and Cod.
Of course there are plenty other foods for sex performance apart from fish.
For accurate measurement of the need of this nutrient, you are recommended to consult your nutritionist.
Apart from sufficient sex diet, you must not forget to also maintain an overall healthy balanced diet daily and do regular physical exercise.
Physical exercise will help improve blood circulation and carry your nutrients to every part of your body as well as boost the sex hormone production.
Healthy sex diet would be a good start to learn how to last longer in bed naturally and satisfy your partner.

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