Diseases and Drugs Causing Erectile Dysfunction

Diseases and Drugs Causing Erectile Dysfunction You Should Know

Disease Causing Erectile Dysfunction

Disease Causing Erectile Dysfunction

The young man probably never or very rarely experiences erection problems. By simply only having a daydream to have sex or seeing a little vulgar picture of sexy girl is just enough to trigger hormones and create a hard erection. But it is not the case with older men or who have aged 40 years and over. At that age, especially if health care is usually impaired, erection process will be disrupted, let alone the ability to last longer in bed.

Erection – although it looks very spontaneous – is a complicated process and involves many systems in the body from the mental control aspects, nervous system, blood vessels and hormones which must interact dynamically so that an erection can happen. Little trouble in the process of erection, whether it is caused by psychological factors / emotional or physical can cause penile erection failure. However, erection alone is not enough for lasting longer in bed.

Some medicines are good for curing diseases like diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and spinal cord injuries. Yet some of these prescription drugs also appear to contribute greatly to erection problem.
Several drugs are known to affect the nervous system, changes hormones and disrupt the blood circulation system, one of which is hypertension drug that apparently can cause erectile dysfunction.

Drugs Causing Erectile Dysfunction

Drugs Causing Erectile Dysfunction

Doctors routinely prescribe the medications that can cure your diseases and at the same time can cause erectile dysfunction, but they rarely tell their patients about sexual side effects that may arise.
Compounds such as hydrochlorothiazide (found in Maxzide, Inderide, Inderide, Hydropres, Hydrodiuril, Esidrix, Dyazide, Moduretic, and others) can cause erectile dysfunction in some men. Similarly, in some kind of anti-hypertensive drugs, such as Aldomet (methyldopa), Calan (verapamil), Catapres (clonidine), Inderal (propranolol), lsoptin (verapamil), Lopressor (metoprolol), TENEX (guanfacine) and Verelan (verapamil).

You may find complete list of medications that cause erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low desire at the site erectioncare.com and at healthcentral.com

The problem that usually arises is that many men stop taking hypertension medication after experiencing erectile difficulties as the effect of the drugs. This is not the right decision because it means you give up curing your diseases. In fact there are several other types of drugs as an alternative with less or no side effect at all to sexual performance.
So, never stop taking your medication without the supervision of a doctor and consult your doctor if you feel you have problem with your sex performance after taking the drugs.

Last but not least, prevention is always better than cures. And one of the preventions from getting ill is that doing regular physical exercise.

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