Delay Cream for Men

Delay Cream for Men with Very Specific Conditions

 By Daniel Kraska 

 Premature ejaculation can get many men down on themselves. Many of these men have no idea how or where to start looking for a solution to overcome the issue. Having sex with their partner becomes a very traumatic experience. If this happens over time and is left untreated, men lose their sexual confidence completely as a result. This condition is also often worsened by the lack of understanding and support from their partner. These men often have tried many ways to overcome their PE but do not see any which deliver the results they want.

From my observation in my counseling group, here are the biggest reasons why men fail to solve their PE to delay ejaculation during sex.

  • After a long time suffering from premature ejaculation they’ve totally lost their self confidence. Lost self confidence will hamper success in overcoming premature ejaculation.
  • The next biggest obstacle of men who want learn how to delay ejaculation is that they don’t spend enough time working on the issues; this applies to men who are impatient when it comes to the learning and training involved in developing their inner ability to stay longer in bed.
  • Men suffering from depression will usually have a more sensitive nerve system. The more severe a man is depressed the more sensitive his nerves will be, including the nerve endings on the penis. This is what usually happens. I’ve even encountered a man who felt strong pain on his the skin of his hands and legs when only slightly touched.
  • A hyper-sensitive penis, which is due to either bad masturbation habits or an inherited trait, can also be the issue. With this condition it is almost impossible for any methods and tricks for delaying ejaculation to work well or deliver results as wanted.

So, given the above conditions, the question is: “what treatment can be started with?”

In my private counseling group, I introduced delay cream for men as an initial treatment.

Based on the observation, this strategy of using delay cream worked well to overcome the four obstacles mentioned above.

Why? Here is the explanation.

For those men who lost total confidence, they need to see results no matter how big or small they seem. Seeing results triggers the re-building of self-confidence.

And here delay cream plays its role as it enables these men to delay ejaculation instantly. Sometimes after they gain back their confidence, they can shift the method from using delay creams to other tricks, like stop-start techniques, using PC muscles, breathing techniques, etc. with full confidence.

For those who are very busy and impatient, there is no choice – delay cream for men is the right option as it can deliver results to delay ejaculation instantly. However, a few quick tricks for delaying ejaculation can be combined with delay cream.

Lastly, for men who have a very sensitive penis either due to depression or bad masturbation habits (or even as a genetic trait), delay cream is also the right option as it will desensitize the penis. Other tricks of delaying ejaculation can also be combined with delay cream.

We at Daniel’s Private counseling group have reviewed and tested a delay cream that works satisfactorily to cater to men with the above specific condition. Click here to check it out.

Remarks: Condoms works similarly to delay cream. The only difference, and also disadvantage of the condom, is that condoms reduce sexual pleasure drastically and also reduces the sense of intimacy with the partner since it builds a small physical barrier between the male and female.

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