Breathing to Last Longer in Bed

How to Last Longer in Bed through Breathing Technique

By Daniel Kraska

It has been described in the previous post that arousal control plays a key role in controlling ejaculation. And now in this post you will discover how to use breathing to last longer in bed, since breathing with certain technique will help you control your arousal and delay ejaculation accordingly.

Most men breathe faster and shorter without any control during sex. This makes the heart pumping faster and makes the arousal rises very quickly and becomes uncontrollable which ultimately would end up with early ejaculation. This is certainly a mistake that many men do not realize if they want to last longer in bed.
This mistake is understandable, because they used to breathe in involuntary manner.

Now, in using breathing to last longer in bed, you have to change your way of breathing into voluntary mode in such that you control it.

Here are some guides how to control your breathing:

Breathing Technique to Last Longer in Bed

Breathing Technique to Last Longer in Bed

Breathing slowly and deeply or semi-deeply.
How deeply you inhale and exhale is not so important as how often you do it. A span of about 3-5 seconds between each breath is very effective for most men. Keep the breathing at a constant pace, slow, consistent rhythm, and don’t let it out of control.

Breathing using diaphragm correctly.
Most men think that breathing to last longer in bed is just to inhale and exhale as much air as possible by expanding and contracting the chest. This is not totally wrong if it is meant to be only for maximizing the intake of oxygen and exhaust the CO2, but will not help in calming down your mind and hence your arousal and accordingly it will not help you to last longer in bed. This way of breathing would take the energy away from the diaphragm and can break up your calmness. You don’t have to use your chest to breathe, your mouth to inhale, but push out and pull in your diaphragm to breathe. Then, you will feel more energy not just in the bed but also in overall.

Regulate your breathing.
Shut your eyes loosely and breathe as deeply as you can every 20 to 60 seconds, then hold the breath for 3 to 5 seconds, then release slowly.
When your eyes are closed, make sure you focus on the deep breath you are taking, and nothing else. Isolate your mind where your attention is only on the act of the deep breathing, sounds, motions, sensation. There shouldn’t be any other thoughts especially sex-related things coming across your mind. You will see you would be able to stay calm and maintain your arousal at controllable level and of course to last longer in bed as the results.
You may do this breathing exercise when you are not in bed.

Synchronizing your breathing with the thrust and pull motions.
The principle is that you exhale when make a thrust and you inhale when you make a pull.
However, since your trusting motions would always outpace your breathing, while you have to keep your breathing slow, then what you should do is that you breathe every five thrusts or so. The most important thing to remember during sex (or masturbation) is to always maintain slow and keep up deep breathing. This will help you in lasting longer in bed.

Pacing your breathing using Triangular Breathing technique.
This exercise is to inhale for 3 seconds, pause and hold for 3 seconds, exhale for 3 seconds, instantly inhale again for 3 second and so forth.
This breathing technique is used in Yoga and other meditations of the same kind. Mediation exercise has been proven good for developing effective mental control which aims at creating a deep level of relaxation and calmness.
Please check out post on How to Last Longer in Bed through Mental Control.

Always remember to breathe.
A common mistake made by men is they forget to breathe in voluntary mode, or unconsciously their breathing becomes irregular. This normally occurs in some specific situation, for instance when they are encountering a sexy girl or faced with criminals, which all make them anxious, afraid or nervous, and eventually you stop breathing for a short while. If this happens during sex, then it will hamper your efforts to last longer.

Hope these tips on breathing to last longer in bed are helpful for you to give a try.

Have a beautiful sexual life.

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