Bad Foods for Lasting Longer in Bed

Foods Not Good for Lasting Longer in Bed

You might have known a lot about foods which could make you last longer in bed, but perhaps you do not realize there are also some foods which could lower or even remove your sexual drive and thus hindering your ability to last longer in bed.
These foods are all right if you just eat them a little and very seldom. But if you eat them too much regularly, they will do you harm in your sex drive and ability to last longer in bed.

Here they are:

fatty-foods, bad for lasting longer in bedSweet and fatty foods
Fatty and sweet foods are always delicious and therefore many people like to eat these food daily. But high content of sugar and fat in these foods can thicken the artery wall and thus narrow the vessel. This would hinder the flow of blood throughout the body as well as into the sex organs and accordingly reduce sexual desire.

Alcoholic Drinks, bad for lasting longer in bedAlcohol
Sadly to say that alcoholic drinks have been part of daily life of many men for various reasons such as stress relief, socialization, addiction, etc. and for one specific reason is that to last longer in bed.
If you drink a little once in a while it will do no harm to your sexual performance, and it might give you good feeling for lasting longer.
But, too much consumption of alcoholic beverages can lower the sexual desire. Men tend to get depression and headaches some time after drinking alcohol.

Tonic drinks, bad for lasting longer in bedTonic drinks
This kind of drinks may boost up your overall stamina. Some of men think tonic drinks can make them last longer in bed, which is not true, except a good feeling that they will.  The main ingredient used in tonic drinks is quinine which also can lower your testosterone levels.

licorice, bad for lasting longer in bedLicorice
Licorice is one of the family of sugary root plants which is generally used as a compound for sweet foods especially candies. Black cough drugs also contains Licorice as an alternative sweetener. It is the substance called phytoestrogens in Licorice which can lower testosterone level both in man and woman. This testosterone hormone is essential in triggering the sexual desire.

soybeans not good to last longer in bedSoybeans
Soy is very good food for health because it contains high organic protein.
But, if it is consumed too much, it will have the similar effect to licorice that it can lower level of testosterone.

cilantro not rewcommended for lasting longer in bedCilantro / coriander leaves
Coriander leaves can also decrease level of testosterone.

The leaves are broadly used in Vietnamese and Mexican foods as complementary flavor.

Mint leavesMint leaves
Mint leaves are frequently taken for use in drinks or sweets that can remove smelly breath. If you eat too much candy mint, it also can reduce testosterone level and affect negatively your sexual appetite and drive.

cornflakesCorn flakes
Cornflake was invented by John H. Kellogg who became pretty well-known because of his successful treatment for lowering sexual desires using this food.
He is a health practitioner at a lung disease rehabilitation center (sanatorium), where he treated his patients who suffered from chronic lung disease. The purpose of giving the cornflakes to his patients is to reduce their sexual desires.

So, if you still want to live with a strong sex drive and ability to last longer in bed, take a healthy diet especially healthy foods for sex performance, live up healthy lifestyles, and last but not least, do regular physical exercise.

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