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Hello, my name is Daniel Kraska, the owner of this website. I used to stay in Australia and China in the past and now after marrying I settled in Jakarta, Indonesia.
I’m 55 years of age. My hobby is sports and my career is giving free marriage and sex counseling to single friends and families in my small Christian community where husband and wife relationship are not harmonious.

I find many husband and wife relationship problems that are due to the inability of both parties to enjoy sex. And the biggest contributor to this problem is the husbands.

It is because of the man being unable to satisfy his partner. Why? Because he can not delay his ejaculation long enough in bed and wait until his partner reaches climax. This problem faced by the man is commonly called Premature Ejaculation or Early Ejaculation,  I myself even had premature ejaculation problem, and I found it very distressful which lead to having depression in the past since my sex life was not good.
But now I have been fully recovered from the PE and have gained back my self confidence fully.

The methods I used are covered in this website which I also have introduced to my patients in my counseling group.

Honestly, not all the patients have the same results in terms of effectiveness and the time it takes to see the results. But the majority of them are happy at the end.

Hopefully all the info presented in this very simple and ugly-looking website is useful for the visitors who are facing sexual problems like premature ejaculation, lack of sex pleasure and safety.

If you have experience you want to share or have an article you want to contribute, please do not hesitate to send it via email or via the contact us section.

Thanks and regards,


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