How to Delay Ejaculation Using Delay Spray or Cream

How Best to Delay Ejaculation using the Right Delay Spray or Cream

 By Daniel K.

 The ongoing question of how best to delay ejaculation is driven by the fact that after trying every trick and treatment, many men are still unhappy with the results, even made themselves worse.

As I already mentioned, not a single way can satisfy all men in delaying ejaculation, and not all ways can satisfy a single individual man.

This is to assume that you have tried many common ways and techniques as many other men did already but you are not happy with the results.

Every method has its drawback aside from the best results for delaying ejaculation, that’s the reality. Let’s take the examples of the drawbacks of following common techniques/treatments:

Using tricks:

  1. Pre-intercourse masturbation to make you last excited.
    Cons: You might be in the mood anymore for sex, and having pre-intercourse        masturbation cannot be always done if you are at work or somewhere else.
  2. Trying variation in sex play such as changing positions.
    Cons: You need cooperation from your partner who might not like it.
  3. Squeeze technique which require your partner to squeeze the end of your penis each time you are about to ejaculate.
    Cons: It calls for full cooperation from your spouse. It can also make you both sick and highly uncomfortable to keep stopping and starting.

Usimg Oral pill:
Con: It could give side effects to certain men if used for quite a long time, such as weight gain, faster heart beats, constipation, etc. It takes a while for the pills to work in your body to get the results.

Using Condom:
Cons: For some men, it reduces the sensation and the sense of intimacy because of the absence of full contact between the male’s organ and the female’s.

Perineal Muscle Control to delay ejaculation:
Cons: It needs training, exercise and discipline to strengthen the muscle to be strong enough to hold back ejaculation. Some men are lazy to do this.

To Delay Ejaculation Best using Cream could be the right option for you.

If you experienced that other methods and techniques as in the above examples just gave you too much of discomfort and dissatisfaction on the outcomes, then using delay cream could be the right option to delay early ejaculation.

Unlike the other methods, using spray or cream is very easy and practical to use and it gives you very quick results – almost instantly.

But you have to make sure that the delay spray or delay cream product your are going to use are all made of natural ingredients (herbals), because they are safer than chemical based ingredients.

Besides having to be safe, delay cream for men also should even be able to give you added value such as enhancing your erection and sensation and also the health of your organ. Most delay creams tend to reduce dramatically the sexual pleasure and they just work to only desensitize your penis without any other advantages. That’s all.

The product should declare every natural ingredient used with explanation about what function they are doing to your body.

To conclude, here are some quick guides of how to choose the right delay cream or spray to best delay ejaculation:

Is it safe? (Answer should be YES)
Does it include any harmful chemicals? (Answer should be NO)
Are there any unwanted side effects after using the product? (Should be NO)
Can I use it without my partner to know? (Should be YES)
How long does it take to work? (Should be INSTANTLY)
Is it going to reduce sexual pleasure during intercourse? (Should be NO)
Does the company selling the product have good reputation? (Should be YES)
Do they offer a trial products and money-back guarantee if I am not satisfied?
(Answer should be YES)
Is there any testimonial from users somewhere? (Should be YES)

If all the questions match their answers in brackets, then the product must be the best to delay ejaculation during intercourse.

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Hope this information is useful for you.

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How to Last Longer in Bed and Mental Control

How to Last Longer in Bed through Mental Control

By Daniel Kraska

how to last longer in bed

Clear Your Mind Off Sexual Thoughts to Last Longer in Bed

Mental control plays important role in curing premature ejaculation. The mental aspects deal with the things like how you perceive sex, the state of your emotions and feelings, and your thoughts. These all can influence how quickly or slow you are going to ejaculate.
Possessing the right mindset and attitude is a major aspect in how to last longer in bed by controlling arousal and ejaculation.

Why does mentality affect the ability of lasting longer in bed?

  • Certain opinions, feelings, and emotions can bring about your arousal to become too excessive, and excessive arousal is the starting point of the process of ejaculation.
  • These emotions and thoughts generate certain hormones that have an impact on the process of ejaculation.
  • Particular opinions, feelings and emotions will place you on the path to getting ejaculation sooner before you even start. Less confidence and/or anxiety about poor performance are in this classification. Continue reading
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